7 kinds of advantages of High bay lights !

7 kinds of advantages of High bay lights !

High bay lights is a kind of indoor LED light with high energy efficiency, which can be widely used in industrial plants, production workshops, supermarkets, sports and entertainment places and warehouses, etc. Today, industrial and High bay light manufacturers give you popular science under the characteristics of LED industrial and High bay light.

What are the advantages of LED High bay light?

1, excellent explosion-proof performance, can be used safely in a variety of flammable and explosive places.

2, innovative heat dissipation technology: the use of permeable structure design, optimize the heat dissipation structure, innovative radiator and light housing integrated design, effectively heat conduction and diffusion, so as to reduce the temperature of the light body, can ensure the life of the Lights.

3, The light body is made of light alloy material, the light surface is anodized anti-corrosion treatment, compact structure and beautiful, anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof performance is good; Ensure that the light in the humidity, high temperature and other harsh environment not corrosion, not rust.

4, High brightness LED and high luminous efficiency and energy efficiency power supply. So that the factory lighting does not need the traditional light source of large wattage and the low efficiency of the drive power, fully reflect the advantages of energy saving.

5, LED light source without pollution materials and purple outside radiation, is a green energy saving, environmental protection, no heavy metal pollution of the new industrial and mining lighting.

6, Innovative LED packaging and optical integrated design and high color rendering, good color rendering, the real color presentation is more real. Make the indoor better recognition of the clear degree of things, but also reduce the degree of visual fatigue.

7, Wide voltage input and constant current for LED work. That is, it does not require the size of the grid fluctuation, nor does it affect the luminance and service life of the luminaire by the grid fluctuation.

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