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LED Area Light


Parking Lot Lights

Ideal for all sorts of businesses, LED parking lot lights are designed to provide bright, pleasing illumination where your location needs it most.

Flood Lights

Outdoor LED flood lights offer high powered lighting meant to light a wide scope such as a parking lot. They come in several options to help you get the right light spread and scope for the size of the space.


Best uses: Outside of Buildings and Sports Fields, Rooftops, Walkways, Streets, Parking Lots

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Canopy lights

Dusk to Dawn Lights

Made to offer extra security, these lights are used in commercial businesses to provide light during the night. They come in several mount options and styles to accommodate your needs.


Best uses: Parking Garage, Barns, Retail Store, Grocery Store, Alleys, Construction Areas, Parking Lots, Driveways, Service Roads

Wall Pack Lights

Commercial LED wall pack lights are made to add extra lighting to a range of areas. This type of security lighting can be placed on walls, above doors, and in other harder to light areas to provide ample illumination for commercial and safety reasons.


Best uses: Building Perimeter Lighting, Parking Garages, Apartment Buildings, Walkways

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Landscape Lights

Landscape and Exterior LED Accent Lighting is efficient and offers uniform lighting to a property. LED landscape lighting offers many benefits and can be used anywhere to illuminate different features around a house or building.


Best uses: Trees, Shrubs, Statues, Pathways, Stairways, Gardens, Patios, Walls, Gazebos

Street Lights

These high powered LED lighting meant to light roadways provide the best outdoor security. Available in several options and styles to help you get the right light spread and scope for the size of the space.