40W led track light spotlight cob lighting

40W led spotlight track with external driver, the heat dissipation is very good, and we use Citizen V6/Luminus COB led chip, SDCM<3, the CCT is below BBL, the color of light is very comfortable, customers can feel very relax and comfort when shopping.

  • 40/50W reach 5500Lm output light efficiency.
  • 15°/24°/38°/60° lighting beam angle for options.
  • External driver design, fast heat dissipation.
  • Citizen/Luminus/Cree/Bridgelux brand chip.
  • 5 years warranty.


40/50W LED Track Light Features

Create healthy and comfortable quality lighting.

Lighting quality refers to whether the lighting source meets the visual function, visual comfort, safety and visual aesthetics of lighting indicators. Lighting quality is related to the comfort and health of our living environment. The correct application of good lighting quality indicators, will bring a new feeling to your lighting space, especially in the era of LED lighting, lighting quality performance is extremely important, the use of lighting quality indicators to buy LED light source products, will bring twice the result with half the effort lighting effect. Our track lights use the brand Citizen, luminusLED, UGR<19, SDCM<3, the light is very soft, comfortable, no light spot.

It supports rotation of 90° in vertical direction and 355° in horizontal direction.

Malls with shelves, stacks, side yards, center islands, and checkout counters …… are typical lighting spaces that combine different product parameters based on accent and base lighting. Commodity visit will move position according to different display design, our track light can that rotate 90° in the vertical direction and 355° in the horizontal direction, so that the light can be freely oriented in any direction, well meet the mall or mobile goods lighting needs.