Aluminum Angle Dimmable Adjustable Projector Focus Cob LED Spot Track Light

CRI 97 special tracklight can make the objects looks more real and beautiful.


This LED module offers the high quality of light required for displaying high value exhibits. We recommend use 3000k with CRI97.

For exhibition lighting, three important things need to be met:

1. Safety-protecting exhibits.

Control and decrease the light influence on material and color of exhibits. Also control the exposure of exhibits.

Chose special LED chip with no UV and UR, reducing light radiation.

2. “True”-with high CRI and correct color temperature.

3. “Comfort”-Completely considering exhibition space and light hues and saturation to get sight comfort.

Light in exhibitions can be used as a tool to make artwork stand out in stark contrast or present it in sober style. Directed light produced by spotlights and ensures good modelling of sculptures. Distinct light beams emphasise the individual nature of each item. The example shows how luminaires for track can be used flexibly to deal with exhibits in different ways,spotlights with various beam angles accentuate the paintings in the background.

The exhibits in museum showcases are extremely precious. Most of the exhibits are sensitive to light exposure. The annual exposure of these exhibits (ie illumination x time) must be strictly controlled. In the lighting design of museum showcases, the illuminance of each lamp must be accurately controlled and adjusted to achieve the most ideal illuminance level.

Exel X2 museum showcase spotlights, each lamp is equipped with dimming function and supports multi-lamp group dimming, which can meet the requirements of museum showcase lighting and art gallery showcase lighting for precise lighting control and management of lighting, as well as protection of precious cultural relics. needs.