RAL standard triac dimmable 60w 1.2m track mounted linear light

Super quality 1.2m 60W led track mounted linear light with wide beam angle 60/90 degree for classroom/shopping mall/supermarket/office. Three CRI options to choose, CRI80/90/97track linear light can meet different guests requires. Our track linear light choose famous brand Ledil lens and we can provide 5 years warranty.


RAL standard triac dimmable 60w 1.2m track mounted linear light

LEDiL lens, Low UGR, no glare, uniform color  

CROWNDALED linear track light uses high-quality LEDiL lens, professional light distribution optimization design, maximizes the light pass rate, reasonable reflection surface and special processing, soft and uniform light, UGR<15, no glare, no glint, effectively avoid customers shopping discomfort, to create a happy shopping environment for customers.


RAL standard color cards, color – free and flawless in appearance  

The housing of Artiview L46 led track linear lighting kits has gone through 11 surface treatment procedures, and the surface is sprayed with powder. The outer shell color is completely in accordance with RAL international color card standard, which is recognized and applied worldwide. The same batch of products are produced in large quantities and shipped out after full appearance inspection, so as to deliver to customers with no color difference and no defect.

2Wir /3Wire/4Wir /6Wire track adapter are optional, meet different wiring modes, ultra-high compatibility

In addition to the conventional 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire, Artiview L46 led linear tracklighting adapter can also provide 6-wire 3 phase track heads for 0-10V/Dali/Dmx512 dimming,  to meet the needs of different projects, and ultra-high compatibility, can match most brands of track rails on the market


Track linear led lighting is very suitable for high-end stores, shopping malls and other indoor commercial atmosphere lighting, the light source energy saving and environmental protection, no UV, to meet the psychology of some businesses to show personalized light environment, has become some businesses for some special products show preference light source;  The color range of its full spectrum is very suitable for setting off the atmosphere of stores and shopping malls. The advantages of the light source in local lighting, key lighting and regional lighting can create a high quality light environment that other traditional lighting electric light sources can not match, which is very suitable for shopping mall lighting network.



  • The testing is operated at 25℃
  • The lifetime of capacitol ,minimum of 8000 hours if operated at 105℃,will be doubled whenever the  temperature drops 10℃
  • The highest withstand temperature of IC,MOS could be 120℃
  • The highest withstand temperature of led junction temperature is 150℃